Sunday, 29 November 2009 - Story of the Week 19.11.09

'I'll see you on the far post...' was published as a Story of the Week on the fantastic website. Heres the link -

Foto8 publishes 8 Magazine, which is one of the best photography publications available and also runs the equally brilliant Host Gallery in London which holds many excellent talks and events. They are launching their new issue of 8 Magazine this Tuesday (1/12/09) so if anyone is in the area then you should come along as it I'm sure it will be a great night.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Magnum Expression Award - shortlisted finalist

I was very excited to of recently been named a shortlisted finalist in the Magnum Expression Award. Unfortunately I didn't win but looking at the other finalists I was up against some excellent work so it was great to of even been named a finalist. It also meant some world class photographers who were judging got to look at my work which is very flattering!

Anyway, here is a link to the competition finalists -

Im on page 2 so please do take the time to flick over to see my images, which were from 'I'll see you on the far post...' However, for the purpose of the Magnum Website the essay was named 'Maesglas.'

1000 Words Photography blog feature.

Tim Clark has very kindly featured my work on his blog The Blog is the sister site to his main website so I urge you all to follow the blog and main website, it is an excellent resource, with great articles and reviews by some very well know contributing editors.

The link to my article is here and I will be putting up a screen grab soon...